Time To Heal offers a complete series of radical self-development workshops as the backbone of our program. The Spirit First Workshops support people in getting out of their own way! Through down-to-earth guidelines, practical tools, humour, and connection, participants set a trajectory for positive long-term stability and success. The instructors are a dynamic and heartful team dedicated to growth, success, and connection.

Workshop 1: Recreating Life Patterns

This course is designed to guide individuals to a higher degree of self-awareness and conscious decision-making on a day-to-day basis to create a personal foundation for longterm stability.

  • BUILD a personal foundation based on positive sense of SELF
  • EMPOWER yourself through practical behavioural tools
  • TRANSFORM challenges into solutions

Workshop 2: Developing Willpower in Transition

The second workshop builds on the tools learned in Workshop 1 with a focus on moving through transition with ease. This course is a guide to developing will-power to adapt and change in a healthy way.

  • Stabilizing Self-foundations (Why is it still hard?!)
  • Self-Perception vs. Natural Character
  • Forgiveness/Acceptance/Letting Go
  • Imagination and Creativity: Heart Foundation

Workshop 3: I Am Positively Grateful

Coming soon, the third workshop is about accepting all outcomes and being grateful in every moment. Standing confidently in Who You Are and flowing with life’s challenges. Stay tuned…

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The Spirit First Workshop Series was curated by Time to Heal co-owners Andrew Louisy and Erin Kapela. For over 30 years Andrew has been focused on helping clients recreate their lives and health, empowering clients as healers, and building a healing community. Andrew is known for his ability to intuitively read what a client can’t see. He mirrors a higher reality of who they potentially are or mirrors their dark, so they know who they harm. Erin is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #17070) and achieved a Master of Counselling degree from City University. Erin is passionately dedicated to Recreating Life Patterns and helping families heal intergenerational pain. Erin is especially passionate about her work with couples and families. She believes that what we heal in ourselves ripples in both directions through our families, and heals our children and our parents, then our grandchildren and our grandparents.

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