We offer a complete series of seminars and workshops that aid people in understanding balanced self to feel whole and complete in positive long-term stability and success. Meet the Instructors! 



Workshop 1: Recreating Life Patterns, Removing Futile Blocks 

This 14 hour self-awareness course is designed to accelerate individuals into a higher state of being and operating on a day-to-day basis. As the foundation course of a complete series of seminars and workshops that aid people in understanding balanced Self to feel whole and complete in a Higher Power’s eyes this workshop is an investment into spirited growth in a practical and down to earth way.

Patterns are basis for everything we do. They form our personality, our emotions and our actions in every relationship. This course is structured to create a spiral of growth out of futile patterns and instead create a new positive foundation of Self that will empower you to move forward with intention and awareness. This course can be challenging for many and you will be required to take a look at yourself honestly and be willing to go beyond old perceptions

In this course you will:

  • Identify the patterns you desire to break
  • Realize the root causes of traits and behaviours
  • Empower yourself utilizing practical step-by-step guidelines
  • Effectively monitor your own behaviour
  • Identify your Motives & Intentions in a moment
  • Re-create a foundation for Self in the positive in line with your heart desires and make lasting changes in your life

This 14-hour foundation program is offered for $611.00 in a group format or $999.00 privately. Courses are available in a weekly format or in a weekend intensive. Skype courses are available. Private workshops can be booked for community groups, educational facilities, or corporate groups. 

Download Registration Form: Recreating Life Patterns registration 2017


“I learned to look at my life and patterns in an objective way without judgement and identify concrete, practical steps to take to change what is not working and move in a positive direction.”

 “So direct, simple, profound, and life changing.”

“I learned who I am, why I am, where I come from, and how to be the person I desire to be.”

“I can let go of my childhood hurts and I don’t need to be chained to them anymore. It has opened my eyes and heart – even at this late stage of my life. Don’t wait until you are as old as me to shake off old stuff!” 

“Come transform your s**t. It’s fun. It’s hard. You’ll be a better person.”

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Workshop 2: Developing Willpower in Transition Focused on Positive Growth “I WILL”

In this 6-week course you will build on the tools learned in Level 1 with a focus on moving through transition with ease. In Workshop 1 you looked at the root of patterns and Control/Pride/Ego behaviours. You have empowered yourself to recreate your life and learned practical strategies for changing patterns in the moment.As you have probably discovered changing patterns in the moment can be a challenging task. Plus, as you succeed in altering contrary patterns you are then faced with a new opportunity to go deeper and grow more thus continuing the cycle of growth. Awareness of Self doesn’t erase struggle but it does create a foundation to rely on and guidelines to growth.

We will continue to be constantly challenged to maintain internal balance when faced with external occurrence. It’s easy to stay stable in Self in comfortable and positive situations, but how do you keep that confident sense of Internal Balance when faced with old contrary patterns, family struggles, stressing situations, or simply life happening? Workshop 2 is a guide to developing will-power in being able to adapt & change in a healthy way.

Participants in Workshop 2 must have graduated from Level 1 and have demonstrated a consistent effort to incorporate the practices from Workshop 1 into their lives.

Some of the topics covered in Workshop 2 are:
Self-Perception vs. Natural Character
Forgiveness/Acceptance/Letting Go
Stabilizing Self-foundations
Imagination and Creativity: Heart Foundation

Workshop 2 is 21 hours, over 6 weeks. $789.00 in a group format.



Level 3: I Am Positively Grateful – “I AM”
Accepting all outcomes and being grateful in every moment. Flowing free for “all” to see.
Length and price to be determined. $999.00 in a group format


Introduction to Control/Pride/Ego
Changing behaviour in a moment to create positive results.
(1 hour) $77.00


Sunday Meetings

This informal and light-hearted community meets bi-monthly to aid each other in maintaining consistent growth and accountability with a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere. Meetings are open to everyone who desires to share in healing. $7.00