Time to Heal is a community of socially conscious, positively focused individuals who strive to enhance their healing skills and in return offer community an effective program of spirits feeding other spirits positive healing energy. Time to Heal is a treatment centre designed to help humanity maintain balance in an unbalanced world. We welcome all healing practices within practical and healthy reason to help improve our fellow person. Who we are… 


Andrew Louisy 

For 30+ years Andrew has been focused on helping clients recreate their lives and health, empowering clients as healers, and building a healing community. Andrew peacefully accepts the futility of the human condition and grounds himself in learning how to polarize and balance his energies to help others balance theirs. Andrew grounds people to their higher selves. Andrew is known for his ability to intuitively read what a client can’t see. He mirrors a higher reality of who they potentially are or mirrors their dark, so they know who they harm.

“3 Cubes of Light” acupressure (designed by Andrew Louisy) identifies an individual’s healing points to stimulate healthy polar flow, by incorporating the relationship between nerves, muscles, and the energetic and emotional flow of the body, in combination with a client’s challenges, injuries, and heart’s desires.

This medium to deep tissue body treatment loosens muscle tension, treats injuries, accelerates healing, relieves pain, and promotes balance. Time To Heal’s system of acupressure combines the traditional Chinese acu-points, as well as access points, trigger points, and healing points that follow the geometric ley lines of the body.

Time To Heal is for people who desire to let go of self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and explore what is possible with a long-term focus on growth and health. Housing multiple modalities in an arena of unconditional love and humour makes Andrew a memorable individual to interact with. Andrew also offers counselling and life readings that outline an individual’s core patterns and spirit intonations. Life readings provide a personal map to long-term stability. Learn more!


Erin Kapela, M.C., RCC, has trained and worked in healing, counselling, and acupressure under Time To Heal co-owner, Andrew Louisy for 10-years. Erin is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #17070) and achieved a Master of Counselling degree from City University. Erin is passionately dedicated to Recreating Life Patterns and helping families heal intergenerational pain.

Our system of counselling bridges many different therapeutic modalities including Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), family systems, and solution-focused (SFT), all within a spirit-based understanding of intergenerational trauma and intergenerational healing. 

Erin is a co-owner of Time To Heal and the lead instructor/trainer of the Spirit First Workshop Series. The foundational course, Recreating Life Patterns, provided Erin with a stable foundation, tools to rise to her potential, and the community connection to flow with humility and gratitude. What makes Time To Heal unique is our radical commitment to accountability and honouring self and community. We believe that authenticity, accountability, and vulnerability are integral to long-term stability.

As mirrors of each other, by sharing in experience we can accelerate healing, build connection, and release shame. We believe that exposure is a key component of healing and utilize group and open-forum counselling when appropriate. Erin is especially passionate about her work with couples and families. Erin believes that what we heal in ourselves ripples in both directions through our families, and heals our children and our parents, then our grandchildren and our grandparents. Learn more!


Jan1Jan Routh
followed her spirit to Vancouver Island and embarked on a body/mind/spirit quest to be free from perceived limitations, childhood trauma, and addictive patterns. She has been an integral member of the Time To Heal community since 2012. After surrendering to the hilarity and beauty of a heart-centered life of flow and connection, Jan dedicated herself to supporting Time To Heal and training in all aspects of healing. Jan is an inspired visual artist who convokes the space between physical, spiritual, and heartful creative expression. Her work is available for viewing and purchase at Time To Heal or online at janmaccormack.com. 


 Jessica Curtis facilitates the Spirit First Workshop series. Learn more… 








Part-time & Guest Practitioners

Jennifer Aldrich is a certified Jin Shin Do Acupressure practitioner and has studied with Andrew since 2000. Jennifer is apprenticing to teach the Spirit First Workshop Series









Healers’ Credo
by Andrew Louisy

1. Healers’ do not have to be the victim of hearsay.

2. Healers’ do not have to pretend they work for any religion.

3. Healers’ are allowed to be imperfect.

4. Healers’ do not have to be poor.

5. Healers’ can be business minded.

6. Healers’ do not have to suffer for the general public to stay true to healing realm.

7. Healers’ do not have to work to the point of getting sick.

8. Healers’ do not have to set the example of being a martyr.

9. Healers’ are allowed to set boundaries.

10. Healers’ do not have to be ashamed of their past.

11. Healers’ do not have to name their higher power, just believe in one.