Time to Heal is a community of socially conscious, positively focused individuals who strive to enhance their healing skills and in return offer community an effective program of spirits feeding other spirits positive healing energy. Time to Heal is a treatment centre designed to help humanity maintain balance in an unbalanced world. We welcome all healing practices within practical and healthy reason to help improve our fellow person. Who we are… 

Andrew and Erin

Andrew and Erin

Andrew Louisy has earned a reputation as a “by any means necessary he will find a solution” healer. Not only does he approach healing from spiritual and physical avenues, Andrew has designed a system of acupressure “3 Cubes of Light” which identifies an individual’s healing points to stimulate healthy polar flow. Housing multiple modalities in an arena of unconditional love makes Andrew a gratifying and memorable individual to interact with or meet. Learn more!


Erin Kapela started training with Andrew in 2009. Erin’s desire to learn and share her knowledge has led her to focus on healing and go into business with Andrew. Together they opened Time To Heal in 2011. Erin is inspired by interacting with the community and working to create positive change. Erin utilizes acupressure and counselling to treat clients and facilitates the Spirit First Workshop Series. She is working on a Master’s of Counselling to continue to expand her skill set. Learn more!


Jan1Jan Routh
adds a jolly portion of light to Time To Heal. Her art is featured at Time To Heal and can be viewed at  janmaccormack.com




 Jessica Curtis facilitates the Spirit First Workshop series. Learn more… 


Part-time & Guest Practitioners

Jennifer Aldrich is a certified Jin Shin Do Acupressure practitioner and has studied with Andrew since 2000. Jennifer is apprenticing to teach the Spirit First Workshop Series









Healers’ Credo
by Andrew Louisy

1. Healers’ do not have to be the victim of hearsay.

2. Healers’ do not have to pretend they work for any religion.

3. Healers’ are allowed to be imperfect.

4. Healers’ do not have to be poor.

5. Healers’ can be business minded.

6. Healers’ do not have to suffer for the general public to stay true to healing realm.

7. Healers’ do not have to work to the point of getting sick.

8. Healers’ do not have to set the example of being a martyr.

9. Healers’ are allowed to set boundaries.

10. Healers’ do not have to be ashamed of their past.

11. Healers’ do not have to name their higher power, just believe in one.