Unified. Uniform. Universal.

New style of yoga exercise promoting communal self-awareness through body motion and exercise in a supported manner to increase healing and long-term stability.

The goal of Uni-Yoga is to promote communal self-awareness through exercises and body movements by cooperation, collaboration, and contemplation. It is about rising to our potential in a body that is connected in a uniform and body-patterned way. This allows us to share reconnection with others externally, and rebuild our connection with the universe, while healing ourselves internally. It is about helping others, to help yourself be here on Earth, in your body, in a balanced way.

Uni-Yogacise has all participants connected physically or energetically and adjusts to compensate for ALL ages and abilities. Inquire for upcoming schedule.

Key Aspects of Uni-Yoga:

  • Sharing healthy motion in a healing and compromising manner.
  • Centering and Grounding
  • Releasing internal energy past blockages and inviting universal energy into the body to promote healing within the body
  • Sequential moments to guide the energy properly through the chakra system. As chakras are conduits of energy flow this allows us to utilize this life force energy optimally for the purpose of healing.
  • All exercises and postures always have people connected energetically and/or physically
  • Relaxed breathing and flexed core
  • Active listening

Designed by Time to Heal owner Andrew Louisy


$12.00 per person