Where a traditional sauna heats the air, infrared directly heats your body tissue below the skins surface and penetrates deep into the body. This induces two-three times the sweat at a much lower temperature and allows for a deep detox that is gentle enough for people who find steams or traditional saunas too intense. Infrared sauna can be used for: detox, pain relief, relaxation, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation and to assist with weight loss. As the infrared sauna is very powerful it’s not to be overused.

Sauna Sessions are $25.00 (up to 1 hour at the discretion of Time To Heal Staff)

3 sauna sessions $64.00

5 sauna sessions $99.00

10 sauna sessions $177.00

Monthly pass $111.00

Body Wraps

We offer a variety of customized sea weed Body Wrap Treatments for specialized toxin removal and treatment of swollen feet, swollen legs, and edema reduction.