Time To Heal’s practice is in alignment with the research and innovation of neuroscience, psychotherapy, feminist and culturally respectful practices. Time To Heal’s system of counselling bridges many different therapeutic modalities. What makes Time To Heal unique is our radical commitment to accountability and honouring self and community. Physical healing is often out of the box. Andrew’s gifts bridge the spiritual and physical reality.

We believe that authenticity, accountability, and vulnerability are integral to long-term stability. Counsellors represent themselves openly and honestly in all interactions and environments. Clients may witness or be privy to personal information about their practitioners. This is done intentionally to model imperfect human striving and connection. As clients heal, support systems and friendships may naturally develop among community members, including staff. Time To Heal works by all that is right and just to help clients get healthy and stay healthy, body/mind/spirit.

We work with illnesses, injuries, addictions, trauma recovery, systemic and colonial issues of oppression, individual and family counselling for adults, children and youth, group counselling, and Recreating Life Patterns workshops. With marriage and couples counselling as well as co-parenting through challenging situations, the team at Time To Heal works hard to meet the varied needs of our clients. Our goal is to help clients maintain long-term stability and peace.

“Balance within ourselves gives us the best shot at maintaining balance in our relationships with others. Inner balance allows us to perceive and enter equilibrium… which then becomes a point of openness and stability. Neither the mind nor the body… can do it alone. It must be done with the fullness of the heart as the center of being” 
~ Anodea Judith ~

Time To Heal views the heart as one’s personal guide to long-term peace, fulfillment, and stability. Our treatment philosophies and protocols create a dance between Western psychotherapy and traditional healing practices such as music, shakers, drumming, hydrotherapy sweats, mindfulness, and meditation. We encourage clients to “keep it on Earth” and “don’t think, be thoughtful.”

Time To Heal commonly utilizes open-forum counselling and group counselling. This style of counselling is part of our philosophy that we are mirrors for each other and that by sharing in experience and seeing how similar we are we can accelerate healing, build connection, release shame, and move forward in a balanced way. Staff members will also share personal experiences and struggles when appropriate. Time To Heal is highly discerning in what is shared and who is present in open-forum sessions. We take great care in accessing the appropriateness of all the topics that are broached based on each client’s individual needs. In an open-forum session staff or clients may suggest waiting to discuss some sensitive personal information and experiences in private. If at any point as a client you are not comfortable in a group setting, please communicate it with the counsellor immediately. Staff will also check in regularly to ensure client comfort.


Counselling Session
Time To Heal utilizes proactive programs of accountability to assist clients in healing emotional, mental, and addictive patterns of behaviour. Our environment is run through common sense and based in humour.

$122.00 per session


Phone Counselling
Ongoing counselling via phone or Skype is available for local and distance clients to maintain stability, accelerate healing, and focus on consistent growth. Please inquiry directly for fees.


Monthly Programs

To maximize healing mind/body/spirit for long-term positive growth and stability healing packages are available which may include: a team of practitioners, body-work, counselling, addiction recovery, workshops, herbal remedies, exercise, phone counselling, and/or private healing lessons. Please inquire directly.


Sunday Meetings

This informal and light-hearted community meets bi-monthly to aid each other in maintaining consistent growth and accountability with a nonjudgmental and supportive atmosphere. Meetings are open to everyone who desires to share in healing.
$7.00 Drop-in


Life Reading
Outlines an individual’s core patterns and spirit intonations as used throughout life, both positively and contrarily. Includes a follow-up session to answer questions.