We are available for phone and video counselling and life readings. Our office is temporarily closed and all staff are currently working from home. All events, including workshops and Sunday Meetings, are taking place regularly online. For appointments, please email

Time to Heal is unique in that we work multi-dimensionally as a team. All our practitioners work collaboratively with all clients for their highest benefit in the long-term. Each session may be handled by any one or more of our practitioners, as determined by client need. Modalities are frequently combined, and counselling is often done as part of bodywork sessions.   

We guide clients through illnesses, injuries, addictions, trauma recovery, systemic and colonial issues of oppression, individual and family counselling for adults, children and youth, group counselling, and “Spirit First” (Recreating Life Patterns) workshops. We specialize in marriage and couples counselling as well as guiding co-parenting through challenging situations, with the goal of helping clients maintain long-term stability and peace.

Time to Heal staff are focused on long-term solutions for clients and work on a priority basis, often with high risk and emergency clients. Owner Andrew Louisy’s specialty of recreating clients’ lives and healing cases perceived to be impossible requires working with flexibility and the willingness to flow with Universal timelines. On occasion, this can cause his schedule to be unpredictable. Appointments may be rescheduled. We value your business and your health and we appreciate your understanding.

Treatment Modalities

Time To Heal works mind/body/spirit/energy to create proactive long-term solutions. A session may include 3 Cubes of Light acupressure, steaming, counselling, meditation, energy work or all of the above with the Time To Heal team. Andrew Louisy is known for intuitively reading what a client can’t see in order to enhance their life according to their heart's desires and is available for consultations as part of the full healing sessions.

Full Healing Session (approx. 2 hours) $242

Acupressure massage at Time To Heal is a medium to deep tissue body treatment utilized to loosen muscle tension, treat injuries, accelerate healing, relieve pain, and promote balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Acupressure targets the body’s acu-points, which follow the energetic channels of the body called meridians. Time To Heal’s system of acupressure combines the traditional Chinese acupuncture points, as well as access points, trigger points, and healing points that follow the geometric ley lines of the body. Massage techniques to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation are included in the bodywork. “3 Cubes of Light” acupressure, designed by Andrew Louisy, identifies an individual’s healing points to stimulate healthy polar flow.

60 min. Table Treatment $111
90 min. Table Treatment $160

Body rolling and massage to assist with detoxification, clear free-radicals, reduce edema, and increase circulation in a gentle way that is ideal for people recovering from illness or drug treatments, or who have neurological symptoms, fibromyalgia, or diabetes.

60 min. Rolling Treatment $111

Erin Kapela is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a particular passion for working with couples and families and helping heal intergenerational pain.  Time to Heal views the heart as one’s personal guide to long-term peace and fulfillment, and we believe that authenticity, accountability, and vulnerability are integral to long-term stability. Counsellors represent themselves openly and honestly in all interactions and environments.

We work with illnesses, injuries, addictions, trauma recovery, systemic and colonial issues of oppression, individual and family counselling for adults, children, and youth, group counselling, and our Recreating Life Patterns workshops. The team at Time to Heal works hard to meet the varied needs of our clients. Our goal is to help clients maintain long-term stability and peace.

Time to Heal utilizes proactive programs of accountability to assist clients in healing emotional and mental obstacles and change addictive and futile patterns of behaviour. Our approach is run through common sense and based in humour.

Learn more about our counselling philosophy.

Counselling session: $122.00

Ongoing counselling via phone or Skype is available for local and distance clients to maintain stability, accelerate healing, and focus on consistent growth.

Please inquiry directly for fees.

Where a traditional sauna heats the air, infrared directly heats your body tissue below the skins surface and penetrates deep into the body. This induces two-three times the sweat at a much lower temperature and allows for a deep detox that is gentle enough for people who find steams or traditional saunas too intense. Infrared sauna can be used for: detox, pain relief, relaxation, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation and to assist with weight loss. As the infrared sauna is very powerful it’s not to be overused.

Sauna Session $25.00 (up to 1 hour at the discretion of Time To Heal Staff)

Time To Heal is proud to feature “Helen’s Temple”, the only private healing and therapeutic steam room in the Cowichan Valley.

Steam treatments are recommended to enhance overall health and healing as well as detoxification, rapid recovery from colds, flus, sinus issues, and to cleanse and heal many lung problems. Optional eucalyptus water is available to increase the effectiveness of the steam. Steam sessions can be added to healing sessions and combined with bodywork, including lymphatic cleansing to heighten the effectiveness of treatments.

Health benefits of the Steam Room include, but are not limited to:

  • Boosting your immunity through an increase of white blood cell production
  • Opening up airways which improves your breathing and alleviates congestion. The wet heat from the steam room thins and opens the mucous membranes in the body, which helps to relieve the pressure. This is highly beneficial for those that suffer from asthma and bronchitis, and helps with sinus relief.
  • Eliminating toxins, chemicals, and other impurities – this is especially recommended during a detox healing program. Toxins collect in fat tissues and joints and may take years to be fully extracted without treatments. Steam can aid with the elimination of toxins including: alcohol, prescription medications, industrial contaminants, nicotine and tar from smoking, marijuana, and street drugs.
  • Increasing heart rate, blood circulation, and metabolic rate
  • Enhancing effectiveness of weight loss programs through increased metabolism. (The steam room causes you to sweat. As water makes up a large part of your body weight, the emission of the sweat will cause you to lose a few pounds.)
  • Loosening and relaxing muscles
  • Relieving stress, tension, and high blood pressure
  • Enjoying a stronger sense of mental well-being and rejuvenation
  • Opening skin pores and releasing trapped oils and dirt
  • Loosening dead, dry skin which makes exfoliation easier
  • Promoting a clear complexion
  • Increasing body heat in warm weather helps to relieve overheating
  • Reduce your chance of catching a cold or the flu. Inhaling hot air makes it difficult for cold and flu viruses to survive.
  • Enjoying the benefit of negative ions which aid in overall health, stability, and grounding

The steam room is rented per 60 minutes for 1-5 people.

1 person $25
2 people $44 ($22 each)
3 people $55 ($18.30 each)
4 people $66 ($16.50 each)
5 people $77 ($15.40 each)

Time To Heal offers healing sessions in the steam room with 35 year experienced healer, Andrew Louisy. These sessions combine counselling with meditation and visualization to teach clients how to empower themselves to be their own healer, go inside the body with focus and discipline to move past blocks, heal physical ailments, and stabilize mentally and emotionally. Please inquire directly.

3 sessions $64.00

5 sessions $99.00

10 sessions $177.00

Monthly Pass $111.00

Custom herbal programs are designed by Andrew Louisy to assist with long-term healing of chronic issues, including special programs for Lyme’s Disease.

Tea of Light

Tea of Light and Juice of Light were derived from the volcanic island of St. Lucia in the mid 1990s. St Lucia is a Caribbean island which has highly enriched colloidal mineral soil and year round is a highly lush, tropical island. The ingredients in Tea of Light come from this soil and are considered highly medicinal by the native people of St Lucia. Our drinks of light mostly consist of: turmeric and a native plant known as bleeding bush. Special remedies may also include either algae, sea moss, or roots from St. Lucia. Andrew also brews custom variations for clients for maximum benefit. The main purpose of this drink is to promote natural internal healing through detoxifying or cleansing organs such as the bowels, and promote a synchronized circulatory & nervous system. It can also decrease free-radical cells, and boost the overall immune system. At minimum people feel more vitality and are generally healthier. The properties of Tea of Light are cumulative and diuretic therefore they should not be taken in excess over a short period of time. Concentrate may be frozen.

1 L concentrate (lasts 3 months) $111.00/

Potato Remedy

A gentle and natural remedy to balance a person’s neurotransmitters, reduce the chemical imbalance created with depression, and aid clients in maintaining a stable mental state while healing emotional challenges.

1 L concentrate (lasts 2-3 months) $111.00

We offer a variety of customized Body Wrap Treatments for specialized toxin removal and treatment of circulation, detoxification, and edema reduction.

Please inquire directly.

Monthly Programs

To maximize healing mind/body/spirit for long-term positive growth and stability, healing packages are available. Programs are customized to the individual and may include: a team of practitioners, body-work, counselling, addiction recovery, workshops, herbal remedies, exercise, phone counselling, and/or private healing lessons. Please inquire directly.

Compassion and Inclusion Policy

At Time to Heal, we are focused on positive growth for everyone and are committed to providing accessible healing for all who heartfully desire. We are open to trades and barter arrangements, and we offer sliding scale rates to those in need.

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Time to Heal’s counselling philosophy and protocols

Life Readings

Spirit First Workshop Series

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