Full Healing Session

Time To Heal works mind/body/spirit/energy to create proactive long-term solutions. A session may include 3 Cubes of Light acupressure, steaming, counselling, meditation, energy work or all of the above with the Time To Heal team. Andrew Louisy is known for intuitively reading what a client can’t see in order to enhance their life according to their heart desires and is available for consultations as part of the full healing sessions. Barter & sliding scale available.
A session is approx 2 hours. $242

Healing Packages and Monthly Programs

To maximize healing mind/body/spirit for long-term positive growth and stability, healing packages are available which may include: a team of practitioners, body-work, counselling, addiction recovery, workshops, herbal remedies, exercise, steam, sauna, and/or private healing lessons. Please inquire directly.