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“I am extremely grateful for Time to Heal and the community Andrew and Erin have created. You two have been there for me with your lighthouses guiding me patiently through the storm of my darkness, guiding me back to sense of my true self. Once the sky has cleared you sit back and enjoy the shine of my light and I feel your humble pride. I am grateful to be a part of the community and to have the opportunity to see so many lives changed. Thank you Erin and Andrew for supporting me and always loving me for who I am.

This is how I’ve gotten to where I am today. I am grateful for the miracle.
Love you both with all my heart.”
~ Amanda H


“Time to Heal has helped myself and my son grow and become a stable family. For 14 years I was in an abusive codependent relationship; I was angry and sabotaging my life. Time to Heal gave me the confidence and tools to make healthier life choices.”
~ Leela H

Time to Heal gave me the foundation, discipline, support, community, & lessons that led me on a path to become whole/healed and get my son back. forever grateful. highly recommend their courses.
~Jenny A


“Before Time to Heal I was stuck in patterns that were not working for where I envisioned my life to be in the future. The truth is hard to hear sometimes but it is the only way to break your pattern. They helped me see where I needed to grow and showed me how to face my fears of commitment. I can deal with situations in a healthy manner now and can pass it along to my children. Thank you for changing my life.” <3 ~ Heather C

“Time to Heal helped me to remember and take pride in who I am.  I lived in 
duality and denial, coping mechanisms that allowed me to survive as a person who loves without knowing how to set heartful boundaries.  A lack of healthy boundaries had me defensive unnecessarily and acquiescing in the wrong situations. I was incredibly vulnerable when I first started working with them and they have been fully honourable. I didn’t know how to assess the motives and intentions of others, and they loved me unconditionally until I could learn to love myself that way.  Through working with them I have healed physically and been empowered emotionally and spiritually, to move forward in my life and reach for my dreams!  I am now living a life that is beyond what I could ever have envisioned, with loving family and community relationships and inspiring professional interactions.  Life is wonder-filled. Thanks Time to Heal!”
– Cheryl G.


“Erin impressed me with her ability to ask the right questions so that I actually had to call myself out on my own BS.  None of the wishy-washy surface stuff that I’d encountered with many other healing practitioners, Erin dove straight to the root and exposed my pattern of rationalizing poor decisions by saying that I had lessons to learn from them.  That simultaneously got my attention, respect, and gave me a lot of hope.”
~Christine B


“Time to Heal is located in a beautiful space, in the heart of downtown Duncan.  While on vacation, I walked in to take a look after the excellent farmer’s market.  Erin graciously gave me a tour of the facilities.  I was very impressed by the community feel and cleanliness and design of the sauna and steam room.  If you are in the Duncan area and interested in healing, Time to Heal may be an invaluable resource.”
~Damian H


“Time to Heal is place where I come to heal my mind, body and soul. Andrew, Erin, and their dedicated and caring healers help me learn about the patterns in my life that work and do not work in attracting the kind of life I envision for myself. Their counselling and treatments are very specific in helping me work through whatever challenge I am facing in that moment and they teach me ways to work through them on my own productively and positively. I am most grateful for their help in letting go of patterns of depression, suicidal thoughts, feelings of unworthiness, and subservient behaviours. I now feel more confident, worthy, lovable, and emotionally stable. I now have faith that I can take actions that will lead me to becoming the person that I desire to be with the values, morals and ethics that I choose to conduct my life with. I highly recommend their workshops and the various treatments they tailor specific to each person. It’s always an absolute pleasure to receive their care and support towards an overall healthier me.”
– Rachel L.


“I have found a community of loving and caring, a place to have a cup of tea, to cherish and be cherished, to love and be loved, a place to heal with people who mirror but do not judge…”
– Eva S.

“I recently rented the facility at Time To Heal In Duncan Canada for a weekend event and was delighted by the level of support I received to get my weekend off the ground and running smoothly. Erin was great to work with and her staff all lovely people. I will be back and look forward to continue growth for all as we support each other to heal! Thanks everyone at Time To Heal.”
~Tanja D


“Where to begin.. when I first met Andrew I was suicidal with an eating disorder and newly clean from hard core drugs. Andrew spent countless hours with me; baby stepping me through learning how to live. I had chemical damage in my brain from drugs and physical damage in my body from the eating disorder. Andrew worked with me to help me recover naturally and heal all the damage in my body, mind and spirit. Aside from the damage from drugs and eating disorder, he worked with the emotional damage from being bullied at a young age. Andrew has an ability to help clients tap into their strengths and gifts; for me it was acupressure and art. He trained me in acupressure and I also got formal certification and now have my own business and consult Andrew with all the treatments that I do. He has supported me through every milestone in my life with love and affirmation: marriage, birth of my son, divorce, abusive relationship, stressful job, serious health issues, to name a few. Andrew’s faith has inspired me to tap into my own intuition with conviction. I am thankful for existence today. I am grateful for where my life is at/in this moment.”
– Jennifer A.


“The folks at Time to Heal work together to create nothing short of miracles.  The focus here is mind body and spirit.  I have taken many of Andrew’s seminars over the years, they have helped me to move past my self defeating behaviours and to build a wonderful life.  I highly recommend the workshops.  When I found myself being rear ended four times in a single year, it was Andrew and his staff who gave me a series of treatments that have helped me to regain mobility and to be relieved of chronic headaches, they do amazing acupressure treatments.  Not only do they do physical treatments, they also offer counselling sessions for couples and families.  Time to Heal has a comfortable community oriented space with an amazing steam room in the heart of Duncan, BC.”

Thanks for all you have done for my family and I, see you next time we are on the island.
– Mark L.

“Thank you for your unconditional love and support. The kids have such an amazing time – who knew healing could be so much fun! Devyn was totally inspired by Andrew’s words today and Jordyn can’t stop smiling!”
– Cheryl G.

“I have found a place that pushes and encourages me to go beyond my perceived limits. I am supported and loved unconditionally. There is a growing sense of “community” among those courageous souls who embrace and welcome their authentic selves while on their personal journey of taking the Time To Heal.”
– Jann M.

“This team of healers has a unique approach to helping clients overcome their challenges and heal their lives. So grateful.”
– Kristin A.


“I have been guided by and befriended by Andrew for 15 years now.

He is a man that has a lifestyle unlike anyone that I have ever been aware of other than Edgar Cayce. In fact I desired to meet someone or become like Edgar Cayce and 2 weeks later Andrew came into my life.

He not only helped me to see who I am and who I desired to be, but how to become my fullest potential at the same time being an example for others to grow by. To focus internally and externally with balance provided by faith. The faith he helped me see is not religion, but a knowing that I am centrally connected to all, and that my thoughts words and actions directly affect all that I am connected to. This and understanding that my emotions help to co-create or sabotage my visions based on my choices of where I choose to focus my energy.

Personally Andrew has guided me to be able to interact with women in a respectful and considerate way that has me respect who I am as a healthy male. He has guided me to become a healthy loving father that has helped me accepted myself for all that I am and have been. Because of these two major changes I now am in a loving relationship with a heartful woman and am father/figure to 5 amazing youth. I am also well respected by a healthy loving community I belong to.

Andrew has taught me how to heal in a two fold process which consists of healing myself and healing others. This has guided me into becoming my true self. He has taught me about patterns and as I learned to see them in others I am learning to easier see them in myself. After becoming exposed to the seminars and programs that he has written I have grown in all these ways exponentially from the initial personal sessions I had with him.

Andrew has taught me about the benefits of healthy community and that has me understand the empowerment of love connected to others in a common focus. This also has me understand self empowerment. I now know I am not alone in my challenges, thus moving through fears of abandonment that I have struggled with. This has me believe I require only my choices made with consideration of all to have positive growth.

He has been there unconditionally for the past 15 years to support me in all my emergencies, like saving my child’s life as he lay in the childrens hospital dying. To being there to celebrate my achievements in life, like sharing the news to our community how I have grown to being a positive influence on my childrens lives and to those in the community.

Continually Andrew guides me to independence by encouraging me to take action in all aspects of my life. To drive my bus. Based on the example he has shown consistently for 15 years and for the examples that the other spiritarians have shown over the course of our interactions. This has me see that no matter where someone is on their spiritual path, I can always find a positive from our interactions. This trait has become a Prime piece of my character and I love myself for it.

I have witnessed many, many miracles. I have succeeded in surviving to this day to tell about them. And I have been inspired and have inspired because I exist as an example of Andrews work. I exist with hope, faith and love, because Andrew was guided to help me find my self, and my self empowerment.

I am Thankful for Existence Today; I am Grateful for Where my Life is at/in this Moment. To whom it may concern I testify that these words be my truth. With much love and appreciation.”
– James M.


“I was just nudged to expose something about when I first came into Time To Heal, and eventually became part of the “Spiritarian Community and a client.” For those of you who didn’t know me at that time, I was a lot quieter, and had a lot more “social anxiety.” Because, for me it was like I’d stepped into a different culture. For once there were no expectations put on me to behave in a specific way. The whole idea of just “showing who I am, and speaking up at random. Terrified me! Because I’d felt for a long time like I had to hide everything about myself deep inside and only felt comfortable sharing with very few people. A large variety of events have been helpful in my life but, there are only a few that had such a big impact that I call them “Culture Shocks!” 1. Two friends I met a few years ago that became legally blind as adults, fell in love, and refused to accept the labels surrounding being blind. 2. The 2014 Inclusion B.C Tides Of Change Conference. 3. And the Time To Heal Community! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO AND CONTINUE TO DO! (Not only for myself but for others too 🙂  These “culture shocks” that occurred started about a year or two after I accepted Jesus into my life.”
– Alaina M.

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