Retreat Weekend: Recreating Life Patterns

For the first time in 5 years the program founders, Andrew & Erin, will be co-teaching the foundational workshop: Recreating Life Patterns!

Patterns are the basis for everything we do. They form our personality, our emotions and our actions in every relationship. This course is structured to create a spiral of growth out of futile patterns and instead create a new positive foundation of Self, and open the doors to a wealth of possibilities that will empower you to move forward with your desires. This course can be challenging for many and you will be required to take a look at yourself honestly and be willing to go beyond old perceptions

In this course you will:

Learn the 7 Keys to Transform your Life

Identify the patterns you desire to break
Realize the root causes of traits and behaviours
Take home practical step-by-step guidelines
Learn how to keep your intentions & motives in a moment in alignment with your long-term success
Re-create a foundation for Self in the positive in line with your heart desires and make lasting changes in your life


This 16-hour foundation program is offered for $611.00 in a group format or $999.00 privately.

Courses are available in a weekly format or in a weekend intensive. Skype courses are available. Private workshops can be booked for community groups, educational facilities, or corporate groups.

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