Natural Remedies

Custom herbal programs are designed by Andrew Louisy to assist with long-term healing of chronic issues, including special programs for Lyme’s Disease.

Tea of Light

Tea of Light and Juice of Light were derived from the volcanic island of St. Lucia in the mid 1990s. St Lucia is a Caribbean island which has highly enriched colloidal mineral soil and year round is a highly lush, tropical island. The ingredients in Tea of Light come from this soil and are considered highly medicinal by the native people of St Lucia.

Our drinks of light mostly consist of: turmeric and a native plant known as bleeding bush. Special remedies may also include either algae, sea moss, or roots from St. Lucia. Andrew also brews custom variations for clients for maximum benefit.

The main purpose of this drink is to promote natural internal healing through detoxifying or cleansing organs such as the bowels, and promote a synchronized circulatory & nervous system. It can also decrease free-radical cells, and boost the overall immune system.

At minimum people feel more vitality and are generally healthier. The properties of Tea of Light are cumulative and diuretic therefore they should not be taken in excess over a short period of time.  Concentrate may be frozen
1 L concentrate (3 months) $111.00

Potato Remedy

A gentle and natural remedy to balance a person’s neurotransmitters, reduce the chemical imbalance created with depression, and aid clients in maintaining a stable mental state while healing emotional challenges.
1L concentrate (2-3 months) $111.00