Videos of Time To Heal Talks

Sabotage Video – Taking Away Your Short-term Potential To Kill Your Long-term Vision

In this video, Time To Heal owner Andrew Louisy discusses SABOTAGE! Self-sabotage, relation sabotage… WHY we do it, HOW we do it, and most importantly how to STOP! Learn about denials, setups, sabotage behaviours, imagination, and gratitude.


Men’s Night – Feeling Past the Penis. Thinking past Control. Succeed with Women!

Time To Heal owner Andrew Louisy lays out how to succeed with women in this video. Times have changed and men need new tools to build a better life. Beyond the penis and control, there is success and sex! Here’s how to get it, maintain it, and appreciate it as a man.

Beyond Women’s Brainwashing: Healthier Relationships, Sex & Self-Respect

Andrew Louisy gets right to the core in this video of the brainwashing women are subjected to and influenced by, from sexuality to never enough, and how to guide the men in your life to treat you as a Queen.


In this video Time To Heal owner, Andrew Louisy, speaks on BOUNDARIES!!! What are healthy boundaries? How do you set them and maintain them? What gets in our way and how do you change that? 

Healing Associated with the Empowerment of Imagination

On July 17, 2014 Time To Heal owner, Andrew Louisy, spoke on IMAGINATION in healing, faith, changing patterns, improving behaviours, and manifest. Check out the video recording of the event. 

Understanding Being Video with Time To Heal’s Andrew Louisy

Time To Heal owner and healer, Andrew Louisy, discusses “Understanding Being” and talks about his healing roots and history. Time To Heal is located in Duncan, BC.