The Time to Heal community is loving, inclusive, and supportive.  Clients empower each other through mentoring and mirroring, staying humble in where they came from and inspiring each other to keep growing.  Deep friendships form as clients learn to counsel each other, encouraging honesty and accountability and celebrating each other’s triumphs.  Many of our clients go on to train in healing and in this way give back to the community.  All of our clients become role models, spreading ripples of positive throughout their lives.

1544307_673071756062301_1936499204_nOur clients come from all walks of life.  They are artists and lawyers; entrepreneurs and tradespeople.  They are parents and children; students and teachers.  The common thread among all our clients is a desire to grow – to heal – to continuously better themselves  in order to shine their light brightly into their community.  Some of our clients first arrived at Time to Heal in physical or emotional crisis with nowhere else to turn.  Others came looking for help with a specific issue, while yet others were attracted by our strong sense of community.

The community comes together for bi-monthly Sunday Meetings, an informal and light-hearted gathering to aid each other in maintaining consistent growth and accountability within a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere.  There is often a great deal of laughter, exposure, and honouring each other’s successes, while finding solutions to personal challenges.  Meetings are open to anyone who desires to share in healing.  $7.00

The community also connects online in our Spiritarians Facebook group and on the Spiritarian Forum

Featured Clients

Time to Heal likes to shine the spotlight on clients who have dedicated great time and energy to their healing and have succeeded in making great changes in their lives.  We are immensely proud of the work our clients do and join them in celebrating their victories.  These stories are featured in our newsletter and on our website.



Fall 2015

susanI was diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer late in 2012. The tumour had grown from my bladder lining into my bladder blocking my left kidney which caused pressure and pain. That pain saved my life. I was in surgery for close to eight hours during which time my bladder was removed and a “neo bladder” was created in its place, sewn out of a piece of my small intestine. My body, after major surgery, was not normal. Major pieces had been pulled out and a strange structure had been constructed that the rest of my insides didn’t yet know how to deal with.

When I first met Time To Heal owner Andrew Louisy he entered the room, laid his hands on my back, and right away I burst out crying. I turned up my head and saw this friendly teddy bear of a man. Andrew is not your ethereal soft spoken guru. He’s a pretty earthy guy with a street smart sense of humour. He is a medical intuitive; who can touch you and read what’s going on. Andrew put his hands on my back and blurted out: “What the f–k is going on inside your body!” Someone else might have been taken aback. It made me chuckle.

I had been coming for sessions to heal an intestinal fistula and acidic urine for six months, when my CT scan revealed that my cancer had returned as a tumour in the back of my pelvic cavity. My oncologist told me that neither chemotherapy nor radiation were options for me because of my fistula. Without treatment I could expect to die painfully in about eight months. He was sorry, but there was nothing he could do but hold my hand, help me cope and to contact him when I needed strong pain killers. Shock and Fear.

I was now even more of a handful. Andrew continued working with me together with his team on many fronts; hands-on treatments, acupressure, magnetic treatments, natural remedies, diet, visualization, movement and more. Andrew intuited an algae supplement that was ordered from the UK. Even music and poetry were healing tools. Friends of TTH were invited into my treatment room to hold my hand and help me cope with some painful treatments. TTH was so busy for a time I didn’t get much of Andrew. The shop was like an emergency room at times. You could have your appointment postponed because someone showed up with a more  pressing need.

I was given the opportunity to join Andrew and his colleague Cheryl on a 5 day trip to Las Vegas. On our second evening I must have had a rumbling storm cloud over my head because Andrew stopped short; turned to me and asked “what was the deal?”. Maybe he expected to hear some complaint about our activity not being to my liking. What I said was, “I’m afraid of dying.” That brought a moment of surprised silence, then the three of us burst out laughing and Andrew started cracking death jokes. For some reason, that was pivotal for me and afterwards I felt like celebrating.

Along with my intense sessions at TTH, I worked on my healing with doctors, bodyworkers, healers, sweat lodge and pipe ceremonies. I reached out to my friends and loved ones. Many people prayed for me. I took cancer fighting supplements and used many healing plants, healthy oils, juiced greens, pepper pith and foods high in antioxidants. I took the workshop on Recreating Life Patterns, Removing Futile Blocks.

In time it became clear that I was actually improving. Something was working. My next CT scan revealed the tumour had shrunk to a quarter of the mass detected in the previous scan nine months earlier. My surprised oncologist has never seen anything like that. My GP calls it spontaneous remission. They can’t explain it.

I visited family, traveled to Toronto and Israel, and enjoyed myself while Andrew kept a watch on me remotely. I went through times of difficult emotions, anger, jealousy and hurt over personal events unfolding in my life. Andrew was concerned that I was being obsessive and could bring cancer back, so new efforts were doubled to get me back on track. I worked fastidiously on my spiritual growth. My last CT scan showed no cancer. Amazing! Yet, Andrew said although the scan didn’t show it, it wasn’t completely gone. So my oncologist compared the latest scan with the two before; and yes, a very small bit was still detectable.

I go about today as if the cancer is all gone and it well may be. Andrew says it is. I am alive today by miracle and with the concerted efforts of Andrew and Erin as well as Dustin, Samantha and many others. I am living more in the moment and enjoying my precious time on Earth.

Thank you from Time To Heal to Susan for writing her story.


Spring 2015

alainaB&WAlaina arrives at Time To Heal like clockwork each week, ready for a cup of tea and eager to learn from both staff and clients. She applies what she learns consistently with common sense and a humble willingness that enhances her independence and growth. Diagnosed with Dyspraxia, a developmental disorder that causes difficulty with motor skills, planning, multi-tasking, perception and processing, Alaina fully believed she was limited by her disability.

“Before I came to Time To Heal I was more attached to the diagnosis and because of that I struggled with insecurity, lacked of self-acceptance, and believed I was never good enough.” Alaina recalled, “I would get embarrassed, frustrated and exhausted whenever I fell short of expectations I put on myself. Now I see my disability as only one part of who I am and no longer feel defined or discouraged by functional struggles that may show up during certain tasks or circumstances.”

When Alaina came to Time To Heal in January 2012 she struggled to interact in social environments or express herself without getting frustrated. She also lacked coordination and physical strength. By her appearance one could assume she was dependent and disabled. Alaina was living with her parents but desired to make the transition to living on her own. She was also looking to let go of her patterns of people pleasing, anxiety, grudge-holding, and find the emotional stability and confidence to leave a relationship that had abusive and co-dependent elements.

Alaina smartly invested in the affordable community support Time To Heal offered by booking short acupressure sessions to strengthen and balance her physical body and counselling sessions for guidance in emotional, social, professional, and personal challenges. Attending  Uni-yogacise classes helped her balance, coordination and strength. Sunday meetings challenged Alaina’s ideas and perceived limitations.

Alaina found that the exercises included in Workshop 1: Recreating Life Patterns  “didn’t beat around the bush but cut straight through to find the main source of various struggles.” It gave her the practical foundation and tools she needed to move forward in every aspect of her life. Alaina also wisely invested in a personal Life Reading  that outlined her core patterns, both positively and contrarily, giving her a road map to meeting her desires. The Life Reading empowers Alaina to see where she is at in a moment with struggles or interactions and recognize a concrete positive option for behaviour to move forward in a healthy manner. This has dramtically changed how she represents herself.

Since becoming a client Alaina has: moved into an apartment by herself, gotten a cat, written a book, found part-time employment, developed healthier interactions and boundaries with men, and she now has a mature relationship with her parents and grandmother. “I am more sure of myself, am stronger in my beliefs, happier, and more willing to speak my truth, express who I am, and stand up for myself,” she professed. She now writes an opinion article for the Cowichan Independent Living Newsletter and has been offered training to be a Self Advocate for the Cowichan Valley. Alaina elaborated, “I would help spread awareness about employment for people with disabilities; – It would mean doing talks a few times a year, literally a dream come true for me!”

Alaina stands as a hero in the eyes of those who partake in Time To Heal programs. Well done Alaina!


Fall 2014

Jan1Jan has become a pillar of strength in the community, supporting friends, family, coworkers, and other Time To Heal clients to stay true to their hearts and their healing paths. Her determination to heal and willingness to face challenges with an open heart and resounding laugh inspires those around her. She elaborated, “I feel how much my balance affects and resonates through all the people in my life. I notice the ripple effects of my wellness in every aspect.” Jan stands proud as an example of total life recreation, body/mind/spirit.

When Jan limped into Time To Heal in the summer 2012 she brought with her fifteen medications and a lifetime of addictions and patterned behaviours from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Her lymphatic system was in shutdown from decades of drugs, pharmaceutical and illegal. Physically she was collapsing from ongoing pain of fibromyalgia, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, inflammation, knee and hip injuries, edema, and chronic joint degeneration, all made worse by chronic weight issues. Even a simple touch or hug was unbearably painful. Jan recalls, “My life was in complete chaos and darkness. Living in a swirl of pain, continuous falls, injuries, car accidents, debilitating depression, medicated into a state of numbness which had me not caring if I lived or died.”

“I felt guided by a force greater than myself and instinctively trusted that moving to Duncan from Ontario was a necessary decision to save my life,” Jan affirmed. The monthly healing program Time To Heal created for Jan gave her the support and structure she needed to focus on healing, without worrying about itemized costs. When she needed fifteen minutes of counselling or an urgent physical treatment her program empowered her to  pop into the office and receive consistent service. This was especially valuable for Jan as she began recovering from the abuse in her past and required support outside of office hours.

Jan’s program consisted of acupressure, detoxification, personal and business counselling, ongoing phone support, infrared saunas, leg wraps, and guidance in all aspects of transforming her interactions with friends and family to become healthy and stable.

Every member of the Time To Heal staff brought their healing focus and specialized skills to Jan’s program. “At Time To Heal I actually experience feeling safe and secure while being vulnerable in interactions with men,” Jan affirmed. Time To Heal challenged Jan to rise to her potential and leave behind self-limiting beliefs, including her attachments to illness and destructive patterned behaviours. In doing so Jan was able to change her family interactions and find forgiveness, while healing and detoxing her body. “I feel able to navigate family patterns without neurotic anxiety and stand strong in myself and my abilities to speak and behave with clarity and accountability for the past and the present,” Jan grinned.

It worked. As she recovered, her pain, illnesses and injuries were left in the past. She was successfully able to detox from all her medications, lose weight, and strengthen her body. Time To Heal inspired her to launch a sewing business, and provided an employment opportunity to work as a caregiver for a feisty young woman with Huntington’s Disease.

Jan’s life is now a reflection of her own personal stability, “I just moved into a magical little house which has been my true heart’s desire since arriving here,” she smiled with a tear in her eye, “I choke up thinking about how wonderful life is when I am actually living in my heart…. ALIVE!!!! I am totally grateful and humbled.

The most surprising is the depths of unconditional love, the vast abilities and the truth of what “by any means necessary” actually created in bringing me back to wholeness in body, mind and spirit!”


Spring 2014

Nicole’s humble, knowing laugh lightens a room instantly as she shares her imperfect and triumphant experiences. On the floor behind her, her two sons lean on each other, quietly building a puzzle. She shines with ethereal grace and now has a peace about her that makes her laugh with amazement. “My feelings of clarity, gratitude and optimism still surprise me,” she chuckled.

Three years ago Nicole had perfected her habit of wrecking everything that she loved. When Nicole first came into Time To Heal she didn’t have a stable home. She was struggling to accept her role as a mother, and oscillating between rage and numbing. “I was exhausted,” Nicole recalled, “Headaches were constant, I was herbal smoking chronically and stuck in addictive behaviours. My relationships were abusive, unhealthy, and controlling.”

Her family in Manitoba had distanced themselves from her because of her extreme and aggressive patterns. In addition, Nicole felt she was lacking as mother and her guilt compounded her self-judgment. Time To Heal’s Andrew Louisy and Erin Kapela offered Nicole hope, tools, and unconditional support and Nicole became one of the first clients in Duncan. “While my life was not showing outward signs of success, Andrew and Erin saw and remarked upon my value as a creative, talented person. Despite my messy life I wanted this to manifest as the truth of my reality,” she stated. Nicole acknowledged, “The level of long-term commitment and depth of healing Time To Heal offered me stands out. They seek to pull out the roots of an ailment mental/spiritual/physical instead of just treating the manifestation of illness, and they made it work with my budget!”

Nicole’s program has been family-based since day one, her children being the top priority. Time To Heal treated all three members of their young family and provided childcare during her counselling and acupressure treatments. With her parents’ financial assistance, and a great dose of humour, Andrew and Erin guided Nicole in all aspects of her  life: parenting, discipline, personal habits, detoxification, behaviours, spiritual connection, boundaries, and overall stability. “Erin’s ability to laugh about how goofy I look when I’m mad helped me to see myself,” Nicole admitted, “and Andrew’s jokes never stop!”

She then built a balanced life for herself and her sons on Salt Spring Island. “Today, I’m stable, strong, optimistic about my future, happy, and honoured to parent,” she exclaimed, “I’m improving in all categories!”

Nicole surprised herself as she realized she could be happy! “My lifestyle now is moderate. I’m not engaging in extreme ideals or practices. I’m willing to consistently rise to the occasion and make changes moment to moment. I feel grateful and present.” With Nicole’s determined effort, humble and responsible choices, and intention to stabilize, she has been able to re-establish connection with her family, including the highlight of her mother recently coming to visit from Manitoba.

Nicole stands proud as an independent and healthy single mother. “I’m in the best physical shape of my life. I’m a non-smoker! I no longer feel victimized.” Nicole smiled, “I’m happy to be single and patient to wait for something peaceful and supportive.”

Nicole has “locked-in” her new life, and her new self. The boundaries, forgiveness, and acceptance demonstrated by Andrew and Erin guided Nicole to forgive and accept herself. “I like myself now,” she grinned, “I experience joy. I’m avoiding engaging in or creating drama. My friendships are deeper and more meaningful, fun, honest, healing and authentic.” In fact Nicole shines as an example of what is possible with humour, humility, determination, and love.


November 2013

jaiJai’s eyes light up with excitement, his chest barrels and he shifts into his “I have an insight to share”  pose while preparing for his opportunity to relate a relevant fact correlating practical pyschology to consciousness and healing. His natural intelligence and love of learning permeates each aspect of his life with inquisitive passion. However, when Jai first met Time To Heal owner, Andrew Louisy, in January 2011 Jai’s ego was firmly lodged in intellectual arrogance and resentment barely disguised behind a thin veil of sardonic humour.

Jai was the first client in Duncan to express the desire for significant change and demonstrate the willingness to go the extra mile to acheive it. Jai elaborates, “I was ready to make some healthy changes in my life, and the community is a mechanism for profound positive change.” He became inspired to be a part of Time To Heal forming a community in Duncan after hearing Andrew speak and seeing the results of his counselling techniques and bodywork.

Jai was comfortable asking for help recovering from his compressed L2 vertebrae, but his true desire was to heal his interactions with women. Jai was constantly embroiled in rage fuelled battles for control with the mother of his daughter. At the same time, he recently begun a relationship with Corelli and was determined to not bring his destructive and volitile patterns into their new relationship.

The healing program developed for Jai was a game of looking in the mirror and saying “checkmate”. It allowed Time To Heal space for them to introduce Jai to himself, his real self, his heart- self and prevented him from intellectualizing the healing process. In that he could realize the root causes of his struggles.

Treatment notes were limited to, “acupressure  back, discussed behaviours”. Andrew would counsel Jai in three sentences then refuse to elaborate, while challenging his ego perceptions of self. “I had an image of myself as someone who is intrinsically broken and needed to hide it for fear of being judged as weak and inadequate,” Jai acknowledged,

“But being broken was a rationalization for never really living up to my potential. I got to feel special and better than everyone without actually needing to accomplish anything in the observable world.”

Andrew worked extensively counselling Jai and his ex-girlfriend to develop peaceful communication by keeping their daughter’s well being as their ONLY priority. That required Jai to set aside his ego, stop arguing pointlessly, and learn to base his words and actions on a long-term resolution. Jai was challenged constantly to step up with maturity in every aspect of his life; relating to Corelli, employment, parenting, schooling, and living in alignment with his long-term desires with honour and accountability.

Much to his credit, Jai has accomplished that entire list! Today, Jai is a dedicated and loving full-time father. His interactions with his ex have improved dramatically. His back is fully healed and he’s in university working towards his degree, while maintaining a part-time job. Four years ago Jai committed to caregive for a friend with Huntington’s Disease which him and Corelli continue to do as a live-in care-givers.

Jai maintains a stable home environment as a father, partner, care-giver and friend. Jai smiled with pride, “As I am able and healthy enough to take on more challenges, I am presented with more challenges. I guess being healthy means taking on life’s challenges with an empowered sense that is not afraid of hard work.”


Fall 2013

jessicaA feeling of love permeates the room when Jessica sashays in. With a twinkle in her eye and bright smile she calls out, “Hi Family!” She makes herself comfortable on the couch, ready to share her latest challenge or triumph.

Fourteen months ago, when Jessica first walked into Time To Heal, she was emotionally unstable and, desperate for meaningful connection. Jessica drastically underestimated herself and couldn’t see any positive options for her future. “I spent most of my 20’s having weekly pity parties,” she recalled, “I had no job and was living in my parent’s basement…the perfect combination for self-abasement!”

Jessica invested in a monthly healing program comprised of counselling, acupressure, Uni-Yoga exercise, workshops, and group sessions. Workshop 1: Recreating Life Patterns  helped Jessica recognize her lack of gratitude, unhealthy patterns with men, and a prolonged adolescence that was enabled through co-dependence with her parents. In describing her home life, Time To Heal owner, Andrew Louisy, said, “You’re so spoiled you’re mouldy.”

Andrew counselled Jessica through her skewed and negative perceptions of self, as well as her use of sex to create a false sense of intimacy. He helped her realize how her cycles of depression and desperation were preventing her from fulfilling her dreams. Once she was able to accept her value, Jessica’s social nature became a gift to the development of the Time To Heal community. She nurtures friendships with other clients sharing in the joy of healthy interactions focused on growth. She realized, “I now value deep meaningful connections and view intimacy as the emotional bond between two  people. Because I can stand firm in myself I no longer look to men to validate my beauty and worth.”

There are inevitably moments when old patterns take over common sense. One afternoon when Jessica arrived at Time To Heal in a whirlwind of emotional futility, she was assigned to list the, “Top 11 Reasons Why Victim is Really Working For Me.” Upset, she stomped into the infrared sauna with her homework. An hour later she emerged, giggling, and eagerly shared the highlights, “I’m mastering my acting ability for a future career in performing arts, Broadway play: Desperation.” Jess recalled, “I couldn’t help but laugh at how silly I was being. Immediately I felt light.”

Her step into emotional stability has changed her family interactions. She confirmed, “My parents have gained a new respect for me as an adult and have put faith in me to make my own decisions as a responsible mature woman. They are relieved to see me accepting and thriving in my vibrant social nature.”

Jessica is an inspiration to many people desiring change as her growth continues to positively affect her personal and her professional interactions. The Time To Heal team has guided Jess on everything from personal habits such as, body image and exercise to dating and empowerment in her career. Shortly after beginning her healing journey, Jessica acquired a full-time teaching job. The young ones are especially responsive to her dedication to guide them on an empowered and heart-centred path.

“It surprised me how fast I was able to work through my patterns and gain a healthy perspective,” she expounded, “I have never felt this emotionally balanced, grateful for every moment and happy in my life. I don’t hope that my desires will come true, I know they will!”


March 2013

Amanda perches in the corner of Time To Heal as a ninja-observer, soaking up every snippet of information as her eyes flash around the room and a quiet smile crosses her lips as she hears something intriguing. Much of her healing has been in having her witness interactions, conversations, staff members personal relationships, and overlapping sessions with other clients. With the observational skills of a detective Amanda would quietly sip her water and watch, taking mental notes of every detail.

A skilled artist, Amanda’s art work mirrors her personality. As the depth of her humour, talent and persona is revealed, it becomes obvious that her beauty is expressed through her attention to detail, passion, discipline, and desire to grow. Her artwork is featured on the cover of the recently published Leaving Crazy Town by Grace Ann Carlson.

As Amanda blossoms as an artist and as a woman it seems impossible to connect her to the sick girl who wandered into Time To Heal eighteen months ago. At that point she was fully dependent on her parents, being unable to function for more than a couple of hours or chew solid food due to a neck injury, ongoing issues with Lyme’s Disease and digestive and internal issues. At 26 years old her demeanour was that of a lost little girl and she was convinced that life is pain. At the core of it, Amanda still felt like the ugly duckling; inadequate, unattractive, and desperate to gain attention and approval. She struggled with her body image and  self-worth while her personal relationships lacked boundaries.

Amanda has been learning what healthy interaction looks like at Time To Heal and developing authentic friendships with people who appreciate her. She grinned, “I feel much more sure that I am a person that people like! I don’t feel so much like a lost girl.” This multifaceted approach to healing has addressed her physical ailments while simultaneously improving her quality of life and guiding her to self-empowerment. One of the many highlights of Amanda’s program included teaching her how to walk as a confident woman, with sass and intention, “Learning the walk really did make a difference in how I feel.” she stated with pride. Her neck was successfully treated with acupressure. Magnesium and colloidal silver helped to ignite and stabilize her nervous system. A regiment of blood cleansing oils, Tea of Light, aloe vera, and other herbal remedies helped to neutralize the toxic effects of Lyme’s disease and strengthen her constitution. Her digestion and lymphatics were kick-started and supported with acupressure and homeopathic remedies.

She’s not 100% yet but Amanda is now creating a life for herself. She shared, “It comes much more naturally now to always focus on seeing what good could come into my life.” Amanda is now employed part-time and is hoping to travel. She’s strong enough to work out and participate in life. Where eighteen months ago Amanda could hardly stay awake for two hours, now a Uni-Yoga class leaves her feeling energized and strong. Her energy is bubbly and stable and she’s ready to step into the next phase of life. “My life is actually going somewhere, things I never even thought I would be able to get,” She exclaimed, “I am going to be independent!”


January 2013

Ryan was first introduced to Time To Heal owner, Andrew Louisy, as Ryan the Reiki Master  by a coworker. With a straight face Andrew assessed the young man, looked him in the eye and laughingly said, “Master!?….., Masturbater!!!” Ryan grinned remembering the introduction, “He busted me. A master I was not, and as angry as my ego was in that moment, I instantly respected him. It was a hilarious introduction to humility, although I didn’t find it so at the time.”

Ryan is soft-hearted and laughs easily. His curious nature, willingness to share in experience, and wonder of miracles inspired him to stick with Andrew, through six years of being relentlessly challenged. Andrew brought him into a healing community where he could learn to be vulnerable and accepted as himself, where people would look beyond his blue eyes and musician persona and into his heart and his actions.

“I met Andrew as an insecure eight year old in a twenty-six year old’s body,” explained Ryan, “The funny part being I thought I was okay and the world was the problem. I was addicted to marijuana and cigarettes, and codependent relationships, both intimate and friendly. The unhealthy relationship I was in at the time fed my unstable emotional state, and led to deep depression.” Both Ryan and his ex would act out in jealousy, while denying it, and denying each other love.

Ryan would forgo plans with friends, isolate, then be resentful when she made plans with friends. The cycles of passive aggressiveness and insecurity reinforced his victim stoner lifestyle and fed his ego, which was topped with an arrogance that had him justify his actions using spiritual jargon. When his rationalizations were challenged and his intellectualizing failed to convince anyone Ryan would be shell-shocked, looking much like a deer in the headlights. The problem was simply  …that he didn’t know how to go to his heart. He confessed, “Whenever Andrew would point out what wasn’t working for me I would make victim excuses about how my environment and experiences made me who I was. I didn’t have any say in it. It wasn’t my fault!” Andrew kept poking at it, for years, until Ryan finally realized, “I create myself, everyday. Just because I’m upset with how a few things turned out doesn’t mean I should waste my life. I can be who I want even though I’m mad. Eventually the anger went away too.”

“Today I am a man,” Ryan states with pride, “I provide and care for my family. I am sober by all accounts, and I feel grounded and secure. I am growing into a more emotionally stable person everyday.” The process of healing forced Ryan out of his comfort zone to release his attachment to childhood hurts, excuses, and feeling that he was owed a better life. He had forgiving to do and responsibility to accept. As Ryan opened his heart and became more considerate, his relationship with his family also became more authentic. In fact, Andrew covered every aspect of life to becoming a responsible adult in society with Ryan. Ryan and the mother of his child (Heather) are building a healthy relation, and learning communication and balanced responsibility in the home.

When Ryan started working with Andrew he was in a dead-end job and struggling with a mountain of debt. Now he has a career he enjoys, and is paying off his debts. “I am grateful for my beautiful partner and daughter,” says Ryan, I am grateful for Andrew and his endless resolve in getting me to where I am and for the community of healers that have helped me see myself clearer, my dark and my light.”


Oct 2012

At first impression Cheryl’s compassion and sensual nature is obvious, but it would be remiss to not mention her inherently dorky side of paste on moustaches, sprinkler dance moves, and a propensity to wear bunny ears to social occasions. She’s a multi-faceted woman who embraces her contradictions with grace and humour and has worked hard to do so with balance.

She first met Time To Heal owner, Andrew Louisy, in March 2009 at a speaking event in Vancouver. At that point Cheryl had been sober for eight months and recognized the need for drastic change in her life but was still distracting herself in patterns of self-destruction. Six months later Cheryl became a client and dove into the the work of recreating her life. Physically Cheryl had a history of neck injuries and a back injury. Utilizing acupressure Andrew reconstructed her back, removed the scar tissue in her neck, and was proactive in healing other physical issues as they came up. However, much of Cheryl’s healing has been in self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and in learning to be vulnerable in a heathy way. She is gifted in healing and naturally loving, however she wasn’t applying common sense in her life. She explained, “I basically begged people to take advantage of me. It was so easy.”

Over and over the patterns chipped away at her self-worth and fed her alcoholism in futile attempts to alleviate her guilt. But, she had stopped drinking and thus was no longer able to numb herself, resulting in her feeling irritated by everything while she was emotionally thawing and spiritually awakening. “I used to want to punch Andrew every time he would treat me, she admitted, “I would wake up angry and punch my car on the way to work. I would get so mad at him being heartful.”

The duality she embodied had her denying her integrity and  martyring herself. “I was always aware that what you see isn’t what you get, so I felt if everything about a person was known, you can’t respect them. There was always the possibility that they could be a horrible person or a predator,” she confessed, “Yet my desire to help people somehow kept me trying to learn about people, be forgiving, and live the religious faith I was raised with. Self-respect was impossible, because I knew I had secret sins in my lack of discipline that amplified my shame.”

“I remember Andrew saying to me ‘I see you’ and my instant reaction was ‘Oh no he’s going to kick me out of his house!”, Cheryl confessed, “That was a huge surprise to me. I didn’t realize until that moment, how deeply I felt I deserved punishment, and as we dug into my distant past, so many of my seemingly recent patterns started to make sense.” “I believed my suffering was how I could become better, more worthy, in spite of my failings.” This perpetuated self-limitation and compromised her personal values. “I would have sex to avoid intimacy,” she shared, “I spreadsheet a relationship at one point.” Cheryl revealed, “I remember saying to Andrew, can I deal with my issues with men but keep my daddy issues? I enjoy my daddy issues. I had so much duality that I thought I could selectively heal because I was compartmentalizing.”

Determined to heal completely, Cheryl persevered through an intense and rapid healing in 2010 under the guidance of Andrew that involved many sleepless nights, emotional challenges, and releasing decades of fears and insecurities. Cheryl worked through Workshop 1: Recreating Life Patterns  and Workshop 2: Developing Willpower in Transition  with discipline and practice to create a foundation for positive growth that includes consistent focus on gratitude. In fact when Cheryl was recently in a car accident her immediate response was to repetitively yell, “I am thankful for existence today. I am grateful for where my life is, at/in this moment!”. She laughed, “It seemed like the best plan while spinning across the highway.”

Her life today is a reflection of her heart, guided by faith, balanced in harmony, and filled with community and family. “Through the guidance of Andrew and the healing community, I have been able to step out of denial and face the roots of my contrary patterns,” she confirmed, “My relationship with my dad and brothers has improved immensely,” grinned Cheryl, “I used to feel awkward sitting next to my dad, just because he’s male. Now I give him impromptu shoulder massages and I’m more comfortable talking to him.”

Cheryl now works with Time To Heal, trains in healing, and teaches Workshop 1 in Vancouver. She loves connecting with clients and assisting in their growth. “The first time I taught Workshop 1, my mom was in the class to support me”, she said, “I was able to guide her as well. Now when one of us is dark and closed off, the other will remain light and open.”

“I am most grateful for the ability to receive and give grace and for all the times I chose to open my heart and trust, and it worked out!” She’s a healthy, engaging woman, with a secure sense of personal worth and clarity on her values and priorities. Whether it’s an afternoon with her godchildren, leaving dorky love notes for friends, breaking out into song and dance, or creating X-rated embroidery, Cheryl does it all with gratitude. “That’s the most amazing thing, I can do everything heartfully again. I thought I had lost these abilities,”


August 2012

MarleneB&WAt 80 years young Marlene can be a challenge to keep up with. Her smile lights up the room with her humble caring and willingness to embrace healing. Remaining active has kept her strong, yet old injuries have made it difficult to maintain the level of activity she desires. Overall her health was good, having been a dance enthusiast most of her life and kept up with exercise. However, scar tissue, wear and tear, body aches, osteoarthritis, and energy levels were an issue when Marlene came to Time To Heal. She first started working with acupressurist Erin Kapela and then Time To Heal owner Andrew Louisy. “The most surprising thing for me was how gentle Andrew is in spite of his size. The first time I looked at him I thought Jesus, Mary, Joseph he’s going to crush me! He could sense that. Afterwards he said you were scared of me and I was trying to hide it, but I was.”

Marlene had a rib that was out of place from a fall over twenty-five years ago. “I fell on my back and it pushed my rib out. It was always sticking up. In yoga I would always try to get it down but I couldn’t. Louisy adjusted her ribcage, skullcap, and vertebrae for long-term stability and balance resulting in repairing her rogue rib, better spinal rotation, and mobility. “The rib has changed so many things in my body,” Marlene emphasized, “It changed my shoulder and my hip, my breathing and my balance. That was the treatment that no medical doctor would ever do.” She elaborated, “Andrew got the displaced rib back and down where it was supposed to be. I couldn’t breathe down into my lower ribs. It would pinch whenever I took a deep breath. I would try to bring my rhomboids together but it would pinch. Now I can! I can breathe into it and expand and breathe out and bring my scapula together more.” Marlene grinned, “Thank you Andrew. It’s made all the difference in the world.” The rib alignment and scar  tissue removal have helped Marlene to find her centre better, and allowed her body to naturally align instead of her having to be constantly focusing on pushing her hip down or walking straight. “Gradually I’m feeling with my body what I’m thinking in my head about getting back into alignment,” she acknowledged.

Treatments with Marlene started one year ago with her feet, rebuilding her body literally from the ground up, locking in lasting changes along the way. Once her was rib was in place and her breathing improved it became easier to release the scar tissue and balance her shoulders and hips. Tension and scar tissue was removed from her neck and shoulders. As well, Erin Kapela treated her old shoulder injury to reduce inflammation, regain full mobility, and remove pain.

More recently Louisy has been working on straightening her pelvis. “I broke my tailbone, twice. My sit bones don’t align,” described Marlene,“Throwing the pelvis off kilter throws off whole alignment.” By removing scar tissue, utilizing resistance stretches, and physical manipulation Louisy has been successful in realigning her pelvis. “My pelvis is better. I’m not wopperjawed! Marlene exclaimed, “I’m walking much better, feeling much straighter. I’m able to walk straight without thinking. Things are working naturally. It’s easier to keep my hip better with not being wopperjawed.” Marlene stated happily,“I’m proud of my posture now. I’ve had comments in yoga,” she confirmed, I can get my hip down. Yoga is fantastic now. I’m being kinder to my body than I ever have been.”

While focused on healing physical ailments, a primary focus with Marlene has also been to increase her stamina and reverse the effects of aging, there by giving her the energy, range of motion, and physical strength to enjoy an active lifestyle with youthful exuberance. “I’m grateful for all of you, my cats, that I live in Maple Bay by the water, in my little funky cottage. I’m so happy and content there. I’m grateful for so many things.” It’s a joy to watch Marlene bubble over with energy and trot out of the office straighter and more energized with every passing month. “I love the caring feeling here at Time To Heal,” Marlene glowed, “Everybody cares about me and that’s wonderful. I care about them too!”


May 2012

LoreenLoreen is a delight to have in the office. She’s been a client of Time To Heal for ten months and in that time she has maintained a happy disposition and an open heart. Her thoughtfulness is expressed through her creativity and arrives in the form of personalized photo-cards filled with love and attention to detail. It’s her followthrough on inspiration that has launched Loreen into a new awareness and connection, to make the changes in her life, her metabolism and her body. “My life becomes more and more open to possibilities all the time”, expressed Loreen, “I have become clearer in my psyche. My awareness of what is coming my way has opened up greatly and I am able to recognize and to trust myself in going forward.”

Loreen originally came to Time To Heal as a result of her son’s enthusiasm. She was seeking assistance losing weight, reducing her blood pressure and increasing her energy. Andrew confirmed her low metabolism and pinpointed her clogged glands which caused her to retain toxins. The detoxification enabled Loreen to reduce her water retention and caused an extensive release of toxins through mucous. “My body literally poured mucous for about three months through my sinuses! I had several days of super intense mucous pouring during that time. On those days I was literally blowing my nose every few minutes!” she exclaimed. After three months her mucous gradually lessened to where it is now as her body naturally lets go of toxins instead of retaining them.

In addition to detoxification her program involved Uni-Yoga, acupressure, counselling, guidance in interactions with her adult children, dietary recommendations, and Tea of Light. “My increased energy level was the first thing that was apparent after just a couple of treatments by Andrew,” Loreen described. “I am especially grateful that my relationship with my children has opened up to warmth and communication.” Her connection with her children has expanded and  become more affectionate in healthy and reciprocated interactions that encourage growth, expression and accountability.

Her dedication to learning Uni-Yoga exercises, which promote communal self-awareness to increase healing and long-term stability has allowed her to expand healing and focus in all aspects of her life. Uni-Yoga utilizes energetic focus, grounding, chakra awareness and releasing blockages to improve participants’ health. Loreen’s discipline and positive attitude has her excel in Uni-Yoga. She voiced, “Andrew brought to my attention that I need to breathe deeply. Now my awareness is on this and I do deep breathing with the Uni-Yoga. I really feel a huge difference in my clarity, energy, and grounding, especially in the morning when starting my day.”

“The clearing of my psyche felt significant,” smiled Loreen. Two months ago Loreen got word that her job would be terminated as another company took over the work. She applied for the position with the new company but became aware of a glitch. “The clearing work I have been doing helped me to become aware that there was something in the way,” reflected Loreen, “I feel that the work that I have been doing with myself cleared that path and I just got word that I did get that job. It worked very nicely!”

“I am in the post-menopausal period of my life which presents physical challenges that are very different than before but I feel good! I continue to struggle with the weight and high blood pressure – these challenges won’t go away overnight as I seek true healing in these areas- not just a bandaide version. And I feel that I am on my way there.” Loreen expounded, “I feel that my personal life is rich and full. I have creative pursuits, friendships have opened up, I am growing a garden again and I am so excited!”

“I have been doing ‘personal growth’ work all of my adult life,” Loreen explained, “I especially love the way it has progressed due to my continual ‘opening’ of myself. In my childhood and younger adult years I was very shy and afraid of people. I can genuinely say that each year I look back at myself and realize and think that I am hardly the same person I was the year before. Since working with Andrew and Erin at Time To Heal, I can look back six months and say the same!”

Loreen described how her intuition and ability to trust her own inner voice has expanded, “I now have an internal ‘knowing’. When I listen to it, and trust it, and do it, it is ALWAYS right!” she smiled deeply, “The universe NEVER gives me a message that isn’t right for me.”


April 2012

Hilary’s transformation has taken her from the persona of a rebellious teenager filled with angst and pain into embracing herself as a confident young woman focused on growth and healing. She has in fact, grown up. The woman she has become is a gifted artist, cook, and friend. Her compassion and creative expression permeates everything she touches.

Eighteen months ago Hilary was in a very different place. In the midst of self-destruction she met Andrew Louisy, owner of Time To Heal, in Vancouver. Her first impression of Andrew she described as “There was something authentic that I’d never experienced with any other human.” At that point Hilary was struggling with severe alcoholism and the internal damage to her body was a concern. However, she went to work everyday and maintained a job and was thus able to minimize the extent of her illness with her friends and family. Every struggle or relationship would cause tears to the point that she was unable to function and would spend her days hiding in addiction and emotional turmoil. “I felt like I had no options, I was feeling hopeless.” said Hilary.

Her healing has been an intensive program that has encompassed all aspects of her life. Some of it has involved acupressure, detoxification, counselling, and tools that she can utilize on her own such as steam sessions and Workshop 1- Breaking Futile Family Patterns Incorporated Into Our Adult Relations. But Hilary’s program also required 24-hour involvement at various points.

When emotional triggers built up Hilary would receive a phone call from Andrew, as she was setting herself up for a relapse. Instead of feeding into her pattern Andrew would interrupt it by bringing her along with him, regardless of the time or destination. He would take Hilary to dinners, family occasions, or sessions with other clients at his home-based practice in Vancouver. As Hilary explained, “Andrew allowed me to be a part of his life and I’ve been able to see how people interact. He basically let me follow him around and showed me what’s it’s like to have a real life and be in the moment.”

The around-the-clock dedication ensured that she was unable to isolate and provided a positive distraction from her own destructive patterns. It also allowed Hilary to be  around healthy people and healing situations. “I’m most surprised by how fun it’s been. I really thought kicking addiction would be the worst thing in the world. I didn’t see how I would ever have any fun again. But I’ve had lots of cool adventures in the past year that I wouldn’t have had sitting in my room drinking.” said Hilary. “My life is filled up.”

Andrew was able to guide Hilary into a new level of awareness and accountability very rapidly by mirroring Hilary’s own behaviour to allow her to see herself more accurately, Hilary said, “Now I can make amends. I can have a conversation with my family and not have it end in an argument. I see my parents as people, just like me. They struggle just like I do. I can talk to them now.”

She still struggles with her sense of self but Hilary now understands how healing occurs in layers. It will take more hard work, dedication and focus to really develop a strong sense of self, but that’s a natural progression in healing. What’s fundamental to her healing is now Hilary knows she can succeed. “It’s easier to face my struggles. Every time I kick a bad pattern it gives me the strength to face a bigger deeper one,” she grinned, “I know I’m worth it.”

“I’m proud of nine months of not drinking. I’m proud of myself in general for how far I’ve come,” she confirmed. There are times when Hilary struggles and wants to give up, when the challenge of pushing through core emotional patterns seems daunting and impossible, but she pushes through it and in doing so reinforces her confidence. She explained, “I’m grateful that I have that quality and that I see it. It helps me have faith in the process.”

Her creative expression has expanded with her life. She described, “I feel through my creativity I’ve been able to heal myself. I use my imagination. I see creativity as a medium that’s bigger than paint and pencil crayons.” Hilary’s able to connect on a much deeper level and utilizing creativity tap into healing and artistic focus. Her hard-work has allowed her to start sharing in healing by making people laugh and connecting to people with an empathetic and open heart. She’s learning acupressure and energy healing, and drawing from her experiences to assist others to grow while maintaining a humble sense of gratitude.

“My life today is productive, and a lot more satisfying.” Hilary grinned, “I’m part of a community now and have support from people. I’m learning the tools to take care of myself and get the things I desire out of life. It’s exciting, it’s an adventure. Before it was a chore,” she admitted. “But now I’m appreciating the unknown. I don’t feel scared anymore. I feel like I have someone on my side.”


March 2012

JonJonathan’s heart shines in his smile even when he tries to blend in. Naturally a loving and compassionate man he hid behind sarcasm and intellectualism for years for fear of being seen or hurt. Jon had close friendships but his lack of willingness to be vulnerable or exposed prevented intimate connections. He was accomplished in his education and professional field but found women intimidating at best and a year ago felt that his life was “full of struggles and felt like it was going in circles. It was especially evident in my frequent changing jobs, which all felt the same as the last one. I had a poor sense of who I am or what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go.” said Jon.

When Jon met Andrew Louisy, healer and owner of Time To Heal, at a speaking event in February 2011 he was impressed and amused. To be more exact, when a drunk decided to insult and challenge Andrew to a fight Jon was amazed by the patience and discipline Andrew demonstrated. Healing, in our society can often be perceived as warm and fuzzy, gentle, and perhaps less than rugged and manly. Jonathan witnessed Andrew set strong boundaries while staying light-hearted. With that encounter Jon saw a solution that was efficient, and appealed to his practical intelligence as well as his sense of humour (after all, watching a drunk attempt to throw a table at a large black man was hilarious).

Jon’s healing program has been focused on assisting him to step into his own with  an open heart and developing the confidence to follow his dreams. His treatments have included acupressure, counselling and Workshop 1: Breaking Futile Family Patterns Incorporated Into Our Adult Relations  where Jon learned guidelines and tools to enable him to implement lasting changes as he learned practical accountability. During Workshop 1 Jon was able to heal old resentments, see himself and his parents with more clarity, and appreciate his foundation. Jonathan described, “I have emotionally connected to both my mother and father on a far deeper and more meaningful level than ever before in my life. I can communicate with them both far more effectively than ever before.” His growth became an accelerated process as Jon connected more with his heart. “My sense of self has dramatically improved, I have a much clearer idea of who I am. I feel  more confident and less afraid of myself.” Jonathan said.

The changes continued to emerge, first internally as Jon explained, “I am aware of how I feel and can express it, both to myself and to others. The most significant change to me is how I feel about myself internally and how I perceive myself in interactions with other people.” This newfound confidence quickly manifested in Jon’s life externally. “I am capable of doing things I’m afraid of in a way I never was before. My ability to express myself with women was essentially non-existent a year ago. It’s still difficult and frightening but I can do it and have done it.” Jonathan admitted.

Much of the work Jon has been doing over the past year has been to accept himself as an adult, move beyond teenage coping mechanisms, challenge himself to rise to his potential and hold himself responsible for his life and his future. “I got a new job a month ago that pays better, is more interesting, and requires me to be responsible and accountable. And the idea of being responsible and accountable feels like a good thing.” Jon smirked.

“Everything feels like less of a struggle.” said Jon in reference to his life today. “It’s easier to be happy and grateful for the things in my life that are good. Everything is not perfect, but I feel like life is flowing more smoothly and taking me where I want to go. The new job is significant. My emotional expression regarding women is hugely significant.”

One of the obvious changes to his friends was how his daily focus has moved from cynical detachment to now being grounded in warm gratitude. Jon’s humour was always evident but it’s now more heartfelt and shared as he’s willing to be seen. He’s proud of bonding more intimately with his family and friends, and for the ability to support each other in a healthy way through their struggles.

“The most surprising thing was how hard it all really wasn’t.” confessed Jonathan. “There are challenges to overcome on this path, and it’s not easy, but the flow of growth and life is not actually as overwhelmingly impossible as I thought. In reality, resisting growth and change is harder than accepting and overcoming the challenges encountered in growth.”


February 2012

Paige always has a signature piece in her outfit. Something with a bit of sparkle or flare that lets you know that she is anything but boring. The same can be said of her determination to live and the ensuing healing journey. Her candid honesty and experience make any afternoon interesting.

When Paige came to Time To Heal in October 2011 she was one year past nine rounds of chemotherapy and two rounds of radiation. She was moving away from the severe aftereffects of cancer but needed to release the high levels of toxins that had begun to poison her body. Her treatment plan included acupressure, lymphatic clearing, herbal products, minerals and classes in merkaba (an energetic self-healing practice). For two months Paige was a consistent visitor at Time To Heal with multiple sessions per week.

Detox isn’t fun but at Time To Heal it can be quick. The obvious signs of Paige’s toxin release included a whole body ache, upset bowels and an energetic experience that reminded her of hot flashes, like a dark kundalini. “The way it goes in is the way it comes out.” joked Paige. “At times it was an explosive emotional release.”

Having already been through the intensive cancer treatments and found herself alive at the end of it she was determined to get her health back. “I realized that this wasn’t going to be over in a few sessions. There were times when, like many things in my life, I didn’t think it would be this hard,” says Paige. “It’s part of our culture, we want the quick fix, the short-cut. The Truth: There are no shortcuts to a FULL healing. It’s emotional. Recognize it and call in the troops. This is part of the journey. Stay the course. Don’t quit in the middle because it’s hard.”

Our goal with Paige is to have her strong and healthy mind/body/spirit to handle the adventures she desires and move forward with her life. She also had an open wound on her neck from an biopsy done in 2009 that was susceptible to infection and causing constant discomfort. The location of the biopsy was low in order to avoid the carotid artery, and the incision was made at the crease of her neck and her shoulder. With the wound being in the hollow groove there was nothing for scar tissue to attach to and fluid would accumulate in the space. Simple movements of the neck or clothing rubbing would cause the wound to reopen. When Paige arrived at Time To Heal in October 2011 her neck was still an open wound that refused to heal. Today her neck has closed and the last scab has fallen off. The diameter of the wound has decreased 50% and it hasn’t reopened. It continues to heal.

In her words, “Time To Heal offers something much faster than years of therapy or traditional medical routes. There is no straight shot; it’s not like the medical system and that’s fine. You’re working with a healer who doesn’t have those rules. Andrew works beyond our expectations and has the ability to see your needs beyond your physical complaints. As a society we have this thing about ‘you’ve attacked me personally by things changing.’ What I learned is that it’s in the ambiguity that massive changes occur. It drags you out of your comfort zone where healing can occur beyond self-perception. Change WILL happen and it will happen rapidly and you will need to adjust to that.”

She learned to adapt to ambiguity and paradox. “The whole experience increased my patience and I’ve been able to carry that into my life. Cancer is a weakening disease. Friends move on. But cancer patients don’t get depressed or have self-pity. It seems to be healthy people who can’t climb out of the black hole. My belief is intact.”

Transition and healing can be a challenging process. Paige recommends, “Be with it. Get into amusement with it and win the game. You have to be prepared for this to not be a straight road, be prepared for a period of transition. Go through the process of unravelling through the body. If you’re prepared to do that you’ll be very pleased.”