Acupressure and massage at Time To Heal is a medium to deep tissue body treatment utilized to loosen muscle tension, treat injuries, accelerate healing, relieve pain, and promote balance body/mind/spirit. Acupressure targets the body’s acu-points, which follow the energetic channels of the body called meridians. Time To Heal’s system of acupressure combines the traditional Chinese acupuncture points, as well as access points, trigger points, and healing points that follow the geometric ley lines of the body. Massage techniques to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation are included in the bodywork. “3 Cubes of Light” acupressure, designed by Andrew Louisy, identifies an individual’s healing points to stimulate healthy polar flow.


Full Healing Session

Time To Heal works mind/body/spirit/energy to create proactive solutions. A session may include 3 Cubes of Light acupressure, steaming, counselling, meditation, energy work or all of the above with members of the Time To Heal team. A consultation with Andrew to intuitively read what a client can’t see in order to enhance their life according to their heart desires may be included. Barter & sliding scale available. Approx 2 hours. $242.00

Acupressure Session (Table Treatment)

33 min $56.60

44 min $75.00

55 min $111.00

90 min $160.00

Tune-Up Session (Chair Treatment)

7 min $10.00

15 min $20.00

 (Prices do not include tax)