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We are available for phone and video counselling and life readings. Our office is temporarily closed and all staff are currently working from home. All events, including workshops and Sunday Meetings, are taking place regularly online. For appointments, please email erin@timetohealcommunity.com

Time to Heal works “by all that is right and just” to help clients get healthy and stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Treating everything from physical ailments, illnesses, and injuries to addictions, family counselling, and deep trauma, the team at Time to Heal works hard to meet the varied needs of our clients. We are primarily a treatment centre designed to help individuals maintain balance in an unbalanced world. We welcome all healing practices within practical and healthy reason to help improve our fellow person. 

What makes Time to Heal unique is our radical commitment to accountability and to honouring self and community. We believe that authenticity, accountability, and vulnerability are integral to long-term stability.  

Our intention is to guide the growth of healthy community and healthy interaction to create a ripple effect of positive.  The community of clients gives back by supporting each other in maintaining a stable life with a focus on gratitude as they each work towards their own heart’s desires.

At the core of our program is a series of groundbreaking workshops curated by program founder Andrew Louisy and Registered Clinical Counselor Erin Kapela.  The Spirit First Workshop Series is radically redefining self-development.  Our foundational course, Workshop 1: Recreating Life Patterns supports people in getting out of their own way. Its successor, Workshop 2: Developing Willpower in Transition guides people to longterm stability.  Our workshops are a launching point to building a stable foundation for life that is based on awareness, gratitude, and positive actions. 

Based in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, Time to Heal Treatment & Workshop Facility is owned and operated by Andrew Louisy and Erin Kapela. For over 30 years Andrew has been focused on helping clients recreate their lives and health, empowering clients as healers, and building a healing community. Andrew is known for his ability to intuitively read what a client can’t see. He mirrors back to clients a higher reality of who they potentially are or mirrors their dark, so they can understand who they harm.  Erin is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #17070) with a Master of Counselling degree from City University. She is passionately dedicated to Recreating Life Patterns and helping families heal intergenerational pain.  Erin is especially passionate about her work with couples and families. She believes that what we heal in ourselves ripples in both directions through our families, and heals our children and our parents, then our grandchildren and our grandparents.

Andrew Louisy and Erin Kapela

Time to Heal focuses on building community that expansively ripples positive.  It’s our goal to train healers who are willing to face their darkness with an open heart and humble accountability.  As we heal, we become healers in our families, our relationships, and our communities. 

Time to Heal exists as a lighthouse and a sanctuary of sanity.  But it’s not a retreat or a bubble.  It’s a training ground for Warriors of Light.

– Andrew Louisy & Erin Kapela

  • Time to Heal gave me the foundation, discipline, support, community, & lessons that led me on a path to become whole/healed and get my son back. forever grateful. highly recommend their courses. ~Jenny A
  • “The folks at Time to Heal work together to create nothing short of miracles.  The focus here is mind body and spirit.  When I found myself being rear ended four times in a single year, it was Andrew and his staff who gave me a series of treatments that have helped me to regain mobility and to be relieved of chronic headaches, they do amazing acupressure treatments.”
    – Mark L.

  • “I have found a place that pushes and encourages me to go beyond my perceived limits. I am supported and loved unconditionally. There is a growing sense of “community” among those courageous souls who embrace and welcome their authentic selves while on their personal journey of taking the Time To Heal.”

    – Jann M.