Recreating Life Patterns

Patterns are the basis for everything we do. They form our personality, our emotions and our actions in every relationship. Erin Kapela has returned to Time To Heal having successfully completed a Master of Counselling degree and is ready to teach this life-enhancing retreat!  

This course is structured to create a spiral of growth out of futile patterns and instead create a new positive foundation of Self, and open the doors to a wealth of possibilities that will empower you to move forward with your desires. This course can be challenging for many and you will be required to take a look at yourself honestly and be willing to go beyond old perceptions. LEARN MORE… 

Recreating Life Patterns ONLINE video conference. April 3 – 5.
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Time To Heal works by all that is right and just to help clients get healthy and stay healthy, body/mind/spirit. From physical ailments, illnesses and injuries to addictions, family counselling and behavioural workshops the team at Time To Heal works hard to meet the varied needs of their clients. The community of clients gives back by supporting each other in maintaining a stable and gratitude focused life as they each work towards their own heart’s desires.

Time to Heal Treatment & Workshop Facility is a community of socially conscious, positively focused individuals who strive to enhance their healing skills and in return offer community an effective program of spirits feeding other spirits positive healing energy. Time to Heal is a treatment centre designed to help humanity maintain balance in an unbalanced world. We welcome all healing practices within practical and healthy reason to help improve our fellow person. Our intention is to guide the growth of healthy community and interaction to create a ripple effect of positive.

Time To Heal is unique in that we work multi-dimensionally as a team. All Time To Heal practitioners work together with all clients for their highest benefit in the long-term. Depending on client need sessions may be handled by any one or more of our practitioners. Counselling is often done as part of bodywork sessions. Time To Heal staff are focused on long-term solutions for clients and work on a priority basis, often with high risk and emergency clients. Owner Andrew Louisy’s specialty of recreating clients’ lives and healing perceived impossible cases requires working with flexibility and the willingness to flow with Universal timelines. On occasion, this can cause his schedule to be unpredictable. Appointments may be rescheduled. We value your business and your health and thank you. Your understanding is appreciated.

  • Time to Heal gave me the foundation, discipline, support, community, & lessons that led me on a path to become whole/healed and get my son back. forever grateful. highly recommend their courses.
    ~Jenny A

  • “The folks at Time to Heal work together to create nothing short of miracles.  The focus here is mind body and spirit.  When I found myself being rear ended four times in a single year, it was Andrew and his staff who gave me a series of treatments that have helped me to regain mobility and to be relieved of chronic headaches, they do amazing acupressure treatments.”
    – Mark L.

  • “I have found a place that pushes and encourages me to go beyond my perceived limits. I am supported and loved unconditionally. There is a growing sense of “community” among those courageous souls who embrace and welcome their authentic selves while on their personal journey of taking the Time To Heal.”

    – Jann M.